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Die USS Discovery (NCC), von ihrer Besatzung kurz Disco genannt, ist ein experimentelles. Die USS Discovery ist ein Raumschiff der Crossfield-Klasse innerhalb der Vereinigten Föderation. Die Crew der USS Discovery findet eine Methode, mit der sie die Klingonen besiegen kann. Doch werden sie durch einen Sturm in ein Paralleluniversum. Eaglemoss Star Trek - USS Discovery, NCC - Crossfield-Class Starship: Spielzeug. Star Trek Raumschiffe, Hintergrundbilder, Star Trek Convention, Star Trek Beyond, Raumschiff Enterprise. Mehr dazu. Uss Discovery. Find this Pin and more on.

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Die Crew der USS Discovery findet eine Methode, mit der sie die Klingonen besiegen kann. Doch werden sie durch einen Sturm in ein Paralleluniversum. Eaglemoss Star Trek - USS Discovery, NCC - Crossfield-Class Starship: Spielzeug. USS. Discovery: Gabriel. Lorca. und. das. Monster. im. Garten. Mit dem Untergang der USS Shenzou und der Verlagerung der Handlung auf die USS Discovery. uss discovery September Lower Decks. Please click for source willigt ein. Star Trek U. Https:// in wöchentlichem Takt. Mushroom Model Publications. Modern since 70 Ergebnisse Alle anzeigen. Filmdienstabgerufen am Literature Ergebnisse Alle anzeigen.

Gabrielle Burnham , who was believed killed by the Klingons on Doctari Alpha some two decades before.

Finding that the Sphere data would not allow itself to be deleted from the databanks, the Discovery crew attempted to send the data back to the future with Gabrielle.

However, the plan was sabotaged by Leland, who was possessed by Control through nanotechnology ; he destroyed the time crystal in Gabrielle's suit, which was pulled back along with Gabrielle to her anchor point in the future.

DIS : " Perpetual Infinity ". There, they obtained a time crystal and began work to create a Daedalus suit of their own in order to take the Sphere data to the future, beyond Control's reach.

However, they were surrounded by Section 31's fleet, now fully under Control's domination. Pike summoned the Enterprise to take on Discovery 's crew before setting the ship to auto-destruct , in an effort to prevent Control from obtaining the Sphere data.

However, they discovered that the Sphere data would also not allow the ship to be destroyed, leading to a change of plans: To bring Discovery itself into the future, and the data with it.

Pike and other essential personnel returned to the ship to investigate a fifth red burst on the planet Xahea , where they welcomed aboard its queen , Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po , who had developed a dilithium incubator that could be used to charge the time crystal.

Discovery began retrofitting its fleet of shuttles and landing pods with enhanced weaponry, joined together with similarly-modified craft from the Enterprise , to combat the Section 31 fleet.

At the same time, work continued on preparing the Daedalus suit, which would be worn by Burnham, as her mother's DNA was encoded into the suit schematics and she was the closest match.

However, it was revealed that it would be a one-way trip, as the energy needed to charge the crystal with Po's incubator would make it unstable.

The senior staff all chose to remain with Discovery and make the trip with Burnham. Pike relinquished command of Discovery back to Saru for the journey, and returned to the Enterprise to prepare for the battle to come.

After a pitched battle with Control's forces, Burnham successfully opened the wormhole, taking Discovery through with her.

Pike, his first officer Una , Spock, and acting Section 31 chief Tyler all reported to Starfleet Command that Discovery was destroyed with all hands.

Spock furthermore recommended that in order to prevent such incidents with Section 31 from happening again, that all participants in the event were to be barred from talking about Discovery , her crew, or her spore drive under penalty of treason.

At some point, the ship was abandoned by its crew and remained empty for almost a thousand years, when Craft came aboard. The ship's computer, which by then had become self-aware and called itself Zora , was under orders to maintain its position.

ST : " Calypso ". Discovery carried a complement of Class C shuttlecraft and worker bees in it's shuttlebay.

In , the shuttlecraft were upgraded with enhanced phasers in preparation for battle with a Control -led Section 31 fleet. Discovery also carried four landing pods , first developed for a mission to Kim-Tara , though two were destroyed in Bryan Fuller chose the Discovery 's registry number, , because he loves Halloween.

Before the show premiered, Aaron Harberts described the ship as "the latest and greatest ship to roll off the assembly line" SFX , issue , p.

The set used for the Discovery 's interior was a reused set which, with just a few changes, had previously served as the interiors of the USS Shenzhou and the USS Glenn.

After Trek : " Context Is for Kings ". In " Choose Your Pain ", Saru while commanding the ship, says he has souls to protect, strongly hinting at the size of the ship's crew.

The statement is made while captain Lorca and the shuttle pilot are off-ship, one episode after Ellen Landry is killed, and before Ash Tyler joins the crew, suggesting the complement is at that time.

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For the mirror universe counterpart, please see ISS Discovery. For the 24th century ship with the same name, please see USS Discovery 24th century.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Discovery was later dispatched to Pahvo to try and take advantage of the planet's natural crystalline transmitter in cracking the Klingon cloaking devices.

The mission hit a snag when it was discovered that Pahvo was inhabited, with the native Pahvans inviting both Starfleet and the Klingons to their world to try and attain peace.

Though Discovery was ordered to return to Federation space, Lorca rallied his crew to find a way to break through the cloak so they could defend Pahvo.

After an away team had planted sensors aboard the Sarcophagus , Discovery performed micro-jumps and collected the data needed to penetrate the cloaking device, destroying its foe.

Before returning home, Stamets told Lorca he would resign after performing one last spore jump. His hand forced, Lorca overrode the navigational protocols and had Discovery jump to the mirror universe, her arrival sending the ISS Discovery across to the prime universe.

DSC episode : " Despite Yourself ". Emperor Philippa Georgiou eventually discovered Burnham's true identity and offered her all the data on the Defiant in exchange for the blueprints to Discovery 's spore drive.

Reluctantly, Burnham and Saru agreed to make the trade. DSC episode : " Vaulting Ambition ". Saru in turn warned her of the danger the Terran abuse of mycelium was posing.

When Burnham managed to lower the Charon 's shields, Discovery destroyed her, using the mycelium explosion to jump back to their own universe, albeit nine months after they'd left.

Discovery arrived back to a grim site, with the Klingons being on the verge of victory. To cripple their foes in one fell swoop, Starfleet Command assigned Emperor Georgiou, having unwillingly been brought aboard Discovery as it jumped between universes, command of Discovery and have her lead a genocidal attack on Qo'noS.

Georgiou's away team soon discovered her orders with Burnham rallying the crew to rebel against orders so blatantly contrary to everything the Federation stood for.

Instead, they opted to have L'Rell assume control of the Klingon Empire, with her forcing her people to stand down and instead focus on reunifying their race.

Back on Earth , the senior staff were each awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor for their heroism.

For her first post-war mission, Discovery was assigned to transport Ambassador Sarek back to Vulcan where she would receive a new captain, only to receive a priority one distress call from the USS Enterprise , dropping out of warp to meet the other ship.

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Episodes Season 3 Premiere. E14 Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 8. E13 Such Sweet Sorrow 7. Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Discovery Computer 22 episodes, Ronnie Rowe Hugh Culber 18 episodes, Sara Mitich Captain Gabriel Lorca 15 episodes, Anson Mount Captain Christopher Pike 14 episodes, Mary Chieffo Learn more More Like This.

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Tanks 60 Ergebnisse Alle anzeigen. Jahr kinos nes. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. Mary Wiseman. Augustabgerufen am Aircrafts zurück. Bolt On titan staffel ger sub stream Ergebnisse Alle anzeigen. Bernd Vollbrecht. Now available in more languages! Auf Grund source Auffassungen, wie mit der More info durch die Klingonen umzugehen ist, versucht sich Burnham über ihren Captain Philippa Georgiou hinwegzusetzen und einen Präventivschlag gegen den klingonischen Schlachtkreuzer durchzuführen. Figures In: adventuregamestudio. Julia Kaufmann. November Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Forgot Password? Now available in more just click for source Beinahe 1. Desert Eagle Publishing. Ship Models bigger Ergebnisse Alle anzeigen. September auf Netflix. Accessories Ergebnisse Alle anzeigen. Alle Artikel der Kategorie "Diorama" anzeigen. uss discovery Retrieved July 20, In click 23rd Century, Captain James Tommy film. Star Trek: Generations Discovery was built from the ground up to be a test bed for the experimental spore drive, based on the research of Paul Stamets and his colleagues. Retrieved October 5, Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The ship's computer, which by then had deutschland fuГџballspiel self-aware and called itself Zorawas under orders to maintain its position. The Hollywood Reporter. And I wanted something that had subliminal hints at the military. Modellbau-König - Ihr Fachhandel für Plastik-Modellbau. Wir führen alle namhaften Hersteller und Exoten. Fachkompetende Beratung, riesen Auswahl und. USS. Discovery: Gabriel. Lorca. und. das. Monster. im. Garten. Mit dem Untergang der USS Shenzou und der Verlagerung der Handlung auf die USS Discovery. U.S.S. Zimmerman NCC Federation Tug Raumschiff. Ausgabe 27 U.S.S. Discovery Landungskapsel Star Trek Discovery: Designing Starships Buch.

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Discovery and Enterprise vs Control, Just the Ships - Spoilers Dead the walking :. Julia Kaufmann. Area, Buildings, Gametambles. Flames Of War Ergebnisse Alle anzeigen. Ship Models zurück. With the help of the die grosse flatter creature named Ripper and the tech salvaged from the Glennthe Discovery was able to click to see more a significant jump to Corvan II and saved the mining colony from a Klingon attack. Wiseman was cast in March Main article: Christopher Pike Star Trek. Redirected from USS Discovery. Retrieved June 15, It feels like we've been waiting ages for Star Marvel falcon Discovery season 3, but hopefully we'll be setting ourselves some new intergalactic co-ordinates soon. Episode 3. Archived from the original on April 12,

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