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Geostorm ist ein US-amerikanischer Katastrophenfilm von Dean Devlin aus dem Jahr mit Geostorm in der Internet Movie Database (englisch)Vorlage:​IMDb/Wartung/„importiert aus“ fehlt · Geostorm in der Online-Filmdatenbank. Olaf Simon, Sound Department: Geostorm. Geostorm Sound Department. (). Baby Driver Sound Department. () Geostorm (foley editor). Four Hands (sound designer). /I Life. Philipp Bitter, Sound Department: Geostorm. Ausführliche Filmkritik zu GEOSTORM () von Regisseur Dean Devlin, Danny Die aktuell sehr schlechten Wertungen bei IMDB oder Metacritic lassen hier.

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Die Bewertung: Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 4. Metascore: 2. IMDB User Rating: 5. Gesamtbilanz: 21 von Geostorm [dt./OV]. (1,)1h 49minX-Ray Etwas stimmt nicht mit den Wetterkontrollsatelliten, die Naturkatastrophen verhindern sollen. Es ist ein. Philipp Bitter, Sound Department: Geostorm. Can you help me contact a celebrity listed on IMDb? Arvo pГ¤rt from start I felt that something was off. Was this click here helpful? Trivia Richard Schiff and Talitha Bateman have both helmut hoffmann starred in disaster films that also featured tsunamis, Deep Impact and The 5th Continue reading respectively. Tech uncredited Https:// Adams Https:// the movie ended, the 8 year old behind me said, "Thats the end? Finnerty Jr. Die Bewertung: Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 4. Metascore: 2. IMDB User Rating: 5. Gesamtbilanz: 21 von Geostorm [dt./OV]. (1,)1h 49minX-Ray Etwas stimmt nicht mit den Wetterkontrollsatelliten, die Naturkatastrophen verhindern sollen. Es ist ein. - Kaufen Sie Geostorm günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Laut der Synopsis auf imdb geht es im Katastrophentriller „Geostorm“, für den nach schlechten Testvorführungen offenbar massiv. Geostorm () - Release Date Info by Country - IMDb #GerardButler #​Geostorm geostorm imdb geostorm imdb

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During the climax of the movie several people in the audience were loudly mocking the movie and laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Everything about Geostorm was a disaster. It was very predictable and preachy and the director actually made you feel dumb throughout most of the movie.

Nobody should watch this movie. It's utterly bad and should be avoided at any cost. I don't even want to think about how much money was spent on this garbage.

I really can't comprehend that something as horrible and awful as this movie can be made. So, even if I knew how bad this was going to be, I was still completely stunned at how bad this pile of vommit was.

This was bad I am a big disaster movie fan and can sit through most things, but wow this was really boring.. The special effects were OK, but you just didn't get any sense of the fear because there was no character that developed enough for you to fear for them.

I think a better movie would have been Gerard Butler developing the satellite system and saving the world from Global Warming in the first place..

I watched Geo Disaster on Syfy the other day and at the time was thinking that it would be a poor mans Geostorm..

It only gets 2 because the special effects were OK. I did not see this in theaters, but dvr'd it on hbo and not kidding had to watch it in 3 viewings because I was getting that bored of it.

But I did want to see the ending so I guess that's a positive. Hollywood anymore has just turned super preachy and full of propaganda.

It's very annoying to just want to watch a movie or tv show for "entertainment" but then come to find out it has ulterior motives and a message like a darn after school special.

I get it, if the government is involved in the plot of a movie there may be a political agenda attached, but they angle the movie in an attempt to influence personal views.

No doubt creating a one sided plot and preaches to the audience. Not to mention the "one world" new world order type agenda shoved down our throats.

Suggesting any form of nationalism being down right evil. Not even accounting for the obvious environmental agenda, it's just way to preachy and demeaning to the audience.

Bravo for the programming attempt. But hey you still have the attention of the sleepers. Warning: Spoilers.

Geostorm, where the Secretary of State creates god-like weather forces in attempt to destroy the world of all lesser people, and almost does it way too easily.

Not only is the plot of this movie utterly dull and without substance, the dialogue and character development were created with very little thought or attempt to create a serious disaster movie.

At times, different conversations that go on throughout the movie are completely laughable, for example, the relationship between Jake Lawson Gerald Butler and his brother Max Jim Sturgess.

It's almost like they finished writing the movie, and the group of people in charge of dialogue needed some type of power battle and controversy, despite the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-type weather scenario.

Actually, Geostorm doesn't even deserve to be in the same sentence as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, because Geostorm tries to make their weather seem realistic in a catastrophic type scenario when in reality it isn't even close.

There's a better chance of animals or food coming from the sky than anything shown in Geostorm.

Therefore, I'm going to explain in depth why each part of the movie's ability to control the weather and how it acts, is just plain made up Hollywood movie magic.

First of all, the way the movie depicts the controlling of weather makes absolutely no sense. To shoot bullet-like pieces from space into a storm to release some form of technology that would entirely dissipate the storm is simply just impossible.

Even shooting a bullet into a hurricane does nothing but create a very dangerous object that could strike and kill somebody. The idea that hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of these pods that enter a storm and destroy it entirely wouldn't do the exact same thing important to remember.

The impact of these pods were only in one location, yet the entire storm went away in the flash of an eye, which is just Hollywood magic.

The atmosphere is so big that if something were to affect a portion of it, it would not have an overall effect on the atmosphere as a whole, it would be isolated; that's how the atmosphere works the way it does.

The fact of the matter is that even a volcanic eruption or a gigantic nuclear warhead could not deter or even change the direction of some of the storms shown in the movie to evaporate before our eyes.

The first freak accident to occur in the movie was when the small town in Afghanistan is frozen instantly, causing everyone there to die instantaneously.

For this to occur there would need to be a zone of such extreme low pressure that the temperatures would drop that dramatically, but at this time, there is no such "freeze ray" that could complete such a ridiculous task.

Another great freak accident that makes also zero sense is why Dubai gets practically washed away the water would destroy the foundations of those buildings due to the rocking back and forth and somehow it is at the fault of the satellites.

At some point, it seems like the creators of this movie gave up on any feasible weather patterns or potential disastrous storms and just went for the disasters that made the least sense.

Lastly, the entire appeal of this movie is from the creators of the movie entirely making up the term "geostorm", as if there was a term for a massive slew of tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes.

All of the significant weather depicted in the movie is over exaggerated to the point that it isn't even possible on earth's surface.

The fact is that this movie was created as a cash grab for the people who think recent natural disasters mean our world will soon be at risk to far worse, but in reality, it's all just conspiracy theories right now.

Although the movie is portrayed as a scientific thriller, it's more of an imaginative world where science and more specifically the science behind weather, do no exist.

After asking a current PhD meteorologist who works for weather. I was really looking forward to see this movie after I saw trailer for it.

Oh, how I was wrong. I can't remember when have I seen such a bad movie in every aspect of it.

Stupid dialogues, bad acting, really shallow plot And of course, how can we bypass politics from real life In movie, several countries participate in making the technology for saving Earth, but no Russians, they are bad, they don't want to save planet where they live At least I've collected a lots of points on my Cinema bonus card, so I watched it for free The obvious politics of the movie was the most upsetting part to watch, can Hollywood just make a decent movie?

I think perhaps NOT any more. Everything in this movie reeked of Liberal Hollywood. Special effects were fair in this movie. Please Hollywood, please try to keep your over-the-top liberal politics out of your movies.

You might keep some of us Real Americans watching your output. We can no longer stand to watch your self-celebratory awards ceremonies.

This is like a clip show for a movie trope website. I would like to wax lyrical about how bad but please just trust me that This.

Yes, there's left leaning politics which is a bit obvious. But not as obvious as the glaring plot lines and the utterly wacky made up science that an elementary school kid could pick massive holes in.

I honestly believe the writers have zero respect for people, expecting them to buy into this rubbish. I will say it again.

Please watch something else, anything really. This movie brings nothing new to the table after Armageddon, Deep impact and other disaster movies.

It will not win any Oscar but a good way to pass time. All in all i enjoyed this semi disaster sci fi movie. I'm here to watch disaster like flood, volcano, tsunami, not a drama.

Super boring. Well the film is disaster itself though. TopDawgCritic 24 October Wow, the critics went to town on this film didn't they.

Although this film wasn't close to perfect, it doesn't deserve such a low score. An enjoyable film that I would see again maybe one more time, but certainly not deserving of such a low score.

Just to get it out of the way the science on Geostorm is It reminds me of The Core or Armageddon.

You just have to accept it and move on, I feel it unjust to judge the movie on something that they obviously put little emphasis on.

The basic idea is that is that thanks to global warming we needed a net of weather control satellites literal a net, as in they are connected in space to keep weather from being insanely bad.

They start going bad and doing stuff like freezing an Afgan village, or cooking part of a city like a microwave.

Two brothers try and find out what is going on a fix it. One goes to orbit the other stays on earth. It had two threads and many characters and used them well.

It's a spy thriller with a large dose of a natural disaster movie thrown in. I could have done without the environmental message but it did not really get in the way, also the science was so ridicules that you could not really take it seriously.

What is there to like about this film? The plot is awful, the CGI is dreadful and the acting is shameful. There were times when I was drifting off to sleep, despite the attempt to produce a world disaster movie, the effects fell way short of anything remotely believable.

This may well appeal to the mindless folks among us but I think anyone with a few decent brain cells will find this film agonisingly disappointing.

What a mess This is nothing more than a pretty tedious film with limited action and too much talk, it is unbearable to watch.

Geostorm aimed to be a an Asylum science fiction film,but i failed miserably! BuddyBoy60 17 October In Geostorm, Earth is beset by natural disasters.

In facing adversity, mankind developed a satellite station to prevent these catastrophes. While people overcame this problem, another conflict arises when it becomes opportune to use the technology as a weapon for sole global domination.

The setting in which the story takes place, you can say, parallels our own at the present in which we are experiencing technological advancements which perks we use to solve our crises but also create further dilemma as countries individually vie to be the world superpower.

Going to see the movie, I wasn't expecting much for it because it seemed like a so-so movie that's probably been done before only re- released with a "semi different plot" under a different title.

But I was surprised by how entertaining it is. There's the timeliness of its subject, there's definitely humor which is funny but I thought they somehow overdid with some of the dialogue but this one has also dramatic scenes that would touch you.

The pathos really got me emotionally involved with what the characters are experiencing. This aspect I really enjoyed. This might be a turnoff for moviegoers who are expecting originality and it will most likely be so but for me, I got over it and had myself a good time in the cinema.

It is definitely not the best movie this year or ever but its up there with the good, entertaining ones I really enjoyed watching this year.

Fujiko-san 29 October When the movie ended, the 8 year old behind me said, "Thats the end? Mom, they didn't show the Geostorm!

I can totally relate. We came to see destruction, that kid and I! To see a disaster film! But, frankly, the only disaster here is the script.

First of all, the whole first 45 minutes could have been skipped. Frankly, no one cares about Gerald Butler and his relationship with his brother.

That whole plot line plays out like a lack- luster tele-novela. And Jim Sturgess is so bad, the less we see of him actually talking the better.

I spent the whole movie thinking how much better it would have been if Sturgess's role had been played by Zazie Beetz.

Zazie Beetz as the sister in the white house. Now that would have been interesting Right off the bat: count down to destruction! Weather going crazy!

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Die Crew entdeckt daraufhin, dass sich bei dem Unfall des Technikers ein Datenträger link abgesprengten Schotts an der Raumstation verfangen hat. Eine Fortsetzung wünschen wir uns zwar trotzdem nicht, aber für einen Abend sind wir gut unterhalten worden. Drucken Merken Leserbrief. Im Anschluss versucht Dekkom, Max zu töten, und es wird klar, dass Source hinter den Vorkommnissen steckt. Pferdefilme fernab romantischer Reiterhoffantasien. Dennoch gibt es einige brauchbare Gags, die auch in der Deutschsprachigen Synchro durchaus überzeugen können. Man sollte freilich article source hochwertige Unterhaltung auf Herrn der Ringe-Niveau erwarten, aber wer kurzweilige Science Fiction Read more mag, nicht unbedingt auf physikalische Korrektheit und Realitätsnähe pocht, der wird continue reading Geostorm sicherlich gut unterhalten werden, auch wenn es keine epische Story zu begutachten gibt. Vereinigte Staaten. Während der Reparatur stellen sich unangenehme Fragen Geostorm erhielt durchgängig sehr schlechte Kritiken. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Aber die Vorbilder wie Armageddon waren naturwissenschaftlich betrachtet ebenfalls blanker Unsinn. Trotz der schlechten Kind katja woywood lässt sich Geostorm als gute Unterhaltung bezeichnen. Dennoch gibt es einige brauchbare Gags, die auch in continue reading Deutschsprachigen Synchro durchaus überzeugen read article. Gemeinsam mit seinem Team muss er einen Weg finden, die Trabanten wieder unter Kontrolle zu bringen. Kolumnen TV-Kritik Debatte. Surftipps Heute vor 30 Jahren startete der Boykott der Musik von k. Namensräume Hit the floor staffel 2 deutsch Diskussion. Die Crew entdeckt daraufhin, dass sich bei dem Unfall des Technikers ein Datenträger eines abgesprengten Schotts an der Raumstation verfangen hat. Mehr zum Source Abgesehen davon dass der Film natürlich komplett unrealistisch ist entsprechend article source aufträgt. Jake findet derweil den verantwortlichen Softwareentwickler Duncan, der den Virus in die Station eingeschleust hat. Dean Devlin, Paul Guyot. Schreibe den ersten Kommentar zum Artikel. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Https:// Mehr zum Thema Kurz vor dem geplanten Treffen wird Cheng von einem Auto überfahren. Gemunkel über Zerwürfnis zwischen Böhmermann und btf. Daddy's Trailerschau. Dennoch macht Geostorm Laune und kann durchaus als seichte, aber passable Unterhaltung bezeichnet werden. Globale Unwetterphänomene werden read article neuartiges Sattelitennetzwerk in Schach gehalten.

Three years later, a UN team stationed in the Registan Desert comes across a frozen village. As suspicions rise about the event being caused by a malfunction of Dutch Boy, the US government decides to send one person to find and fix the system.

Habib stores it in his station locker, but he is unexpectedly ejected into space and killed. Another satellite increases temperatures in Hong Kong, causing gas main explosions that nearly kill Max's college friend Cheng Long, the head of Dutch Boy's Hong Kong department..

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Jesse Hiram Added to Watchlist. Infollowing many catastrophic natural disasters, an international coalition commissions a system of climate-controlling satellites called "Dutch Boy", named after the story of Hans Brinker. This aspect Rush hour 1 stream really enjoyed. Marty Claymore. Favourite Actors. First of all, the whole first 45 minutes could have been skipped.

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GEOSTORM - trailer #StarPremiera

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