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Ausgerechnet in dem Moment, als der unbedarfte Polizist Dave Speed im Indianerreservat einen Strafzettel ausstellen will, findet dort ein Test mit einer Plutoniumrakete statt. Dave überlebt und muss feststellen, dass er nun über Superkräfte. Der Supercop (Originaltitel: Poliziotto superpiù) ist ein italienischer Film aus dem Jahr , in dem Terence Hill die Hauptrolle als „Dave Speed“ spielt. Der Film. Supercop steht für: einen Action- und Martial-Arts-Film aus Hongkong mit Jackie Chan, siehe Police Story 3; einen italienischen Film mit Terence Hill von - Kaufen Sie Der Supercop günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Der Supercop – Inhaltsbeschreibung. Polizist Dave (Terence Hill) ist unterwegs zu seiner vierten Hinrichtung. Nicht etwa als Beistand, sondern als die Person.


Jetzt Der Supercop - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Der Supercop – Inhaltsbeschreibung. Polizist Dave (Terence Hill) ist unterwegs zu seiner vierten Hinrichtung. Nicht etwa als Beistand, sondern als die Person. Beziehen Sie Der Supercop aus dem Microsoft Store, und vergleichen Sie Produkte mit aktuellen Kundenrezensionen und Bewertungen. Kostenloser. Police Click series. January 13, Full Supercop. Action Comedy. New Police Story Register a free cinestream kostenlos filme gucken account. It is also the last appearance in the series for Maggie Cheung Jackie's girlfriend, May. Hard Boiled [Blu-ray]. Would mr monk like to tell us about a lower price? Added to Watchlist. How did you buy your ticket? Jedoch hat Speed auch eine Achillesferse, denn sobald der Supercop die Farbe Rot sieht, versagen seine Kräfte und er wird wieder zu einem ganz normalen Kerl. Herb Goldstein. Bilder zur Episode. Dave sitzt in einer Gzsz mediathek und nimmt Bohnen als Henkersmahlzeit zu sich. USASpanienItalien. Dunlop springt ebenfalls vom Check this out ab und wird von Speed im letzten Moment aufgefangen. Der Film endet mit der Hochzeit zwischen Dave und Evelyn. Film-Datenbank Der Stand der Dinge. Einige Synchronsprecher im Überblick Auswahl : [1]. Auf dem Weg zur Hinrichtung macht sich Dave Gedanken darüber, wie er in die jetzige Supercop gekommen ist: Eher ungewollt und auf Befehl seines Vorgesetzten Click here Dunlop macht sich der Polizist mit einem Boot auf dem Weg in ein evakuiertes Indianerreservat. Sie machen sich im Hubschrauber auf zu dem Schiff. Self defense muss er noch seinen Job als Cop nachgehen. Nicht etwa als Beistand, sondern als die Person, die hingerichtet werden soll. Der Supercop. I / E / USA (Poliziotto superpiù). Jetzt ansehen. Action/​Komödie ( Min.) Dave Speed (Terence Hill, l.); Willy Dunlop (Ernest Borgnine,​. „Der Supercop“ ist ein Film aus Italien, welcher Terence Hill in der Hauptrolle als „Dave Speed“ zeigt. Einen Cop, der auf seltsame Art und Weise an Superkräfte. Jetzt Der Supercop - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Beziehen Sie Der Supercop aus dem Microsoft Store, und vergleichen Sie Produkte mit aktuellen Kundenrezensionen und Bewertungen. Kostenloser. Zum gleichen Zeitpunkt wird in diesem Gebiet von der NASA eine neuartige Rakete getestet, welche mit rotem Plutonium geladen ist und angeblich zur Energiegewinnung dienen soll. Hier in die Fanwelt eintauchen. Natürlich glauben alle Beteiligten, dass die beiden den Amazon pool kaufen nicht überlebt haben, doch zu deren Überraschung ruft Dunlop nach wenigen Minuten vom anderen Teil der Welt an und sagt, dass es more info besten geht. Josi W. Film-Datenbank Mord supercop Der Auslandskorrespondent. Speed bläst nun seinen Kaugummi auf, bis dieser mehrere Meter Durchmesser erreicht und die beiden aus dem Wasser in den Himmel hebt. Eugenio Alabiso. Darsteller Terence Hill. Running out of binge-worthy content? Number of discs: 1 Rated: R. Official Sites. August 15, Full Review…. There are more laughs in this hilarious three-minute sequence than in the whole of Kingpin. If I were you, could you recite everything in one go? Unlike most Jackie Chan movies, one has a nice read more that is easy to understand and characters that you can easily take a liking to. Cassandra M Super Reviewer. Watch Instantly. I just want supercop make it clear: there is only one audio idea danz tv think - dubbed in English. supercop

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Selbst seine Freundin Evelyn, die Nichte seines Chefs, glaubt here nicht. Josi W. Doch Speed hat auch eine Achillesfersedenn sobald er die Farbe Rot sieht, versagen ihm alle Kräfte und er supercop wieder zum gewöhnlichen Polizisten ohne Superkräfte. Jetzt kehrt der Film zu seiner Anfangsszene zurück, wo Speed gerade auf den Check this out gesetzt wird. Ist ja so, als ob es Ihnen leidtut, dass ich noch japse. Februar The samara Terence Hill. Der Supercop.

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First off, I love the movie "Supercop. I didn't even know who Jackie Chan was. The movie was hilarious and action packed, and I became an instant Jackie Chan fan.

However this Dimension Blu-Ray is sadly lacking. First, it has no Chinese audio track. It only has an English dub.

I always like to enjoy movies in their original language, but what makes it worse is that I'm a bit hard of hearing, so I miss quite a few words of this mediocre English dub.

Second, it has no subtitles. I would have at least liked subtitles to help me understand the audio track.

One of the reasons I buy movies on Blu-Ray is to have subtitles because of my less-than-good hearing.

If you just want the movie for the action and nothing more, then this is a good version. But if you enjoy movies in their original language with subtitles, then skip this one.

An exhilarating and funny action sting! Tong does take you through Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Malaysia.

The gorgeous natural scenery is always nice to look at through all the explosions and gunfire. The hand to hand combat that is here is wonderful at least.

He kicks and punches his way through prison camps, in villages, clinging to helicopters, and on trains.

Jackie Chan is simply the greatest stunt man who ever lived. Her chemistry with Jackie Chan on screen as action partners is really cool.

She pulls of masterful kung fu and crazy stunts. Yeoh jumps a motorbike onto a moving train! She is as impressive as Jackie Chan blow for blow.

Cheung rolls with the punches as she gets pushed into a pool, thrown out a helicopter, and shoved around. Theirs are not special effects, just spectacular ones.

Connoisseurs will find Chan's helicopter-train chase far riskier, more exciting and more believable than its mates in Mission: Impossible and The Living Daylights.

Among the changes was the addition of a new score. Tom Jones ' rendition of " Kung Fu Fighting " plays over the end credits, followed by a song specially written and performed for the film by the band Devo , entitled "Supercop".

Michelle Yeoh went on to star in a spin-off called Supercop 2 or Project S. Though it features a cameo appearance by Jackie Chan and Bill Tung reprises his role as "Uncle" Bill, this film is not a proper part of the Police Story series.

The film inspired two missions in the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , both of which were taken from the film's final scenes.

The game's last mission, "End of The Line", where C. J must chase a firetruck with a red open-top car and catch Sean "Sweet" Johnson was taken from the scene where Jackie must chase a van using a red open-top car to catch Jessica Yang Michelle Yeoh.

The mission "Wrong Side of The Tracks", where the player must follow a train from a dirt bike was taken from the scene where Jessica Yang Michelle Yeoh follows the train on a similar dirt bike.

A soundtrack containing alternative rock and hip hop song was released on 30 July by Interscope Records. It peaked at on the Billboard From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Police Story 3: Super Cop. This article is about the action film. For other uses, see Supercops. For the Kannada film, see Police Story 3 film.

Main article: Supercop 2. Main article: Supercop soundtrack. China portal Hong Kong portal Film portal s portal. The Los Angeles Times.

Retrieved 23 October Random House. Retrieved 19 December Retrieved 28 June The Washington Post. Retrieved 5 September How did you buy your ticket?

View All Photos Movie Info. A Hong Kong detective fights to stop a Chinese drug czar. Stanley Tong. Jan 13, Jackie Chan as Chen Chia-chu.

Maggie Cheung as May. Wah Yuen as Panther. Lieh Lo as The General. Koo Kei-Wah. Josephine Koo. Kenneth Tsang. Bill Tung. Siu Wong. Michelle Yeoh.

Kelvin Wong. Philip Chan. Ken Lo. August 1, Full Review…. August 15, Rating: B Full Review…. August 15, Full Review…. January 22, Full Review….

August 2, Full Review…. August 1, Rating: 2. August 15, Rating: 3. January 13, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Aug 29, I think I may have seen the wrong movie, because this one has a near perfect score on RottenTomatoes.

Of course, that's not to say that each review is glowing, or praising, the film, but I was a little disappointed by this. Not because of the reviews, as I rarely ever let my opinion be influenced by reviews I may have read prior to watching a film.

I know that the Police Story series, this is actually the third installment in the series, was a more straightforward action film than Jackie Chan's martial arts films, so his martial arts stunts were obviously toned down a lot.

They're still there, but it's considerably less than normal. It's to the point that Jackie, nor his team, though I'm sure had some contributions, are even credited for the action choreography.

I don't know the guy, but I get the impression that Chan is a perfectionist and the fact that he didn't have full creative control over the action sequences, again, I think he had contributions, must have eaten away at him in a sense.

Or maybe he was incredibly happy to let someone else take control, who knows? The point is that, while the film features some pretty crazy stunts, it's not the craziest, or best, Jackie Chan film out there.

While the movie does have a bit of slapstick humor, as Jackie is just as influenced by Buster Keaton, and his daredevil ways, as he is influenced by Bruce Lee Because of that lack of humor, it's made even more obvious how laughably bad and cheesy the story really is.

This wouldn't be out of place in any low-tier DTV action film starring D-list action stars. The stunts are a little better and more over-the-top than they would be in these films, but the story sure does leave a lot to be desired with its execution.

It did make me laugh, so that has to count for something. Don't get me wrong, the action is actually pretty damn good, it's just not my type of action.

Certainly not the action I enjoy seeing from Jackie Chan, still Michelle Yeoh makes for a great addition as her chemistry with Jackie is noticeable right from the start, even if I watched the dubbed version.

Michelle Yeoh is definitely the highlight of the film and she was incredibly game for the stunts. It isn't that bad of a fall, but she falls off the car during the car chase in one of the takes, you see this in the bloopers.

It honestly isn't even that bad of a fall, but considering how bad it could've been if even the slightest bit went wrong, then she was certainly very lucky.

Jackie almost fell off a moving train in the climactic sequence, another attempt by Jackie to kill himself. When he's also hanging from the helicopter ladder as the actual thing is flying high over Hong Kong.

I'm sure there were safety measures taken, but it's still madness. This is one of those movies that should only be watched for the action, though the story will certainly entertain you with how cheesy it is.

The dubbing kinda sucks as well, but that is to be expected. With that said, this is still a solid movie. Not even close to being the best movie Jackie's been involved in, but far from the worst.

Still, a good watch if you have Netflix. Jesse O Super Reviewer. Aug 25,

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