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Fast ein Jahr ist es her, dass das Alien-vs-Mensch-Spektakel "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles" in den deutschen Kinos lief. Mit weltweiten Einnahmen von. Zu dem Sci-Fi-Sequel World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles 2 wird erneut Christopher Bertolini das Drehbuch entwickeln. Er schrieb bereits das. World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (auch bekannt als Battle: LA und Battle: 1 Handlung; 2 Kritiken; 3 Videospiel; 4 Sonstiges; 5 Weblinks; 6 Einzelnachweise. Battle: Los Angeles 2 ein Film von Jonathan Liebesman. Inhaltsangabe: Ursprünglich einmal geplante Fortsetzung zu "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles​". Finde weitere Nachrichten und Specials zu Battle: Los Angeles 2 von Jonathan Liebesman mit. Neueste Nachrichten: "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles".

world invasion battle los angeles 2

Battle: Los Angeles 2 ein Film von Jonathan Liebesman. Inhaltsangabe: Ursprünglich einmal geplante Fortsetzung zu "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles​". World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (auch bekannt als Battle: LA und Battle: 1 Handlung; 2 Kritiken; 3 Videospiel; 4 Sonstiges; 5 Weblinks; 6 Einzelnachweise. Finde weitere Nachrichten und Specials zu Battle: Los Angeles 2 von Jonathan Liebesman mit. Neueste Nachrichten: "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles".

Instead, they re-arm and join the armed force leaving to retake Los Angeles. Jonathan Liebesman intended the film to be a realistic depiction of an alien invasion in the style of a war film , taking inspiration from the films Black Hawk Down , Saving Private Ryan , and United 93 for his documentary style of filming.

He also noted, "Whether it's, just off the top of my head, Ne-Yo, who plays Harris, and Gino [Pesi], who plays Stavrou, have a great relationship, a lot of which they made up behind the scenes.

Just little things, characters that you thought, 'Ah, s--t this wasn't really in the script. He's one of the guys way back there but he's got a personality and he brought it and it was just stuff you don't expect.

The film's story was partly inspired by the Battle of Los Angeles , a rumored enemy attack and subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage that took place in Los Angeles during World War II, on the night of February 24, Eyewitnesses and radar data reported an unknown aerial craft over the Los Angeles area on February 24, leading to fears of a Japanese attack on the US mainland.

But a review of the incident found no proof of Japanese presence in the area and attributed the incident to an overreaction by US military forces.

In later years, UFO investigators speculated the aircraft spotted on the night was an extraterrestrial craft.

This real incident was used as the main focus of an early teaser trailer to promote the film, in which it is strongly implied the alien invaders spent decades planning their attack and invasion.

In , the comedy drama film directed by Steven Spielberg , alluded to the shelling as well as other surprise military engagements. Louisiana was chosen instead of Los Angeles mainly due to financial advantages.

Post-production lasted throughout and into Special effects used in the principal photography included pyrotechnics.

The most climactic of all was a large fireball-producing explosion which was said to have alarmed some residents and passers-by. Film crews implemented use of a large " green-screen " billboard at the base end of the "destroyed" interstate to use later for inserting CGI images of Los Angeles.

There was military support for filming. They look at us like we look at ants. Sony investigated the possibility of legal action against the filmmakers Greg and Colin Strause , who were hired to do visual effects work on Battle: Los Angeles through their special effects company Hydraulx.

Sony suspected the Strause brothers had created their own Los Angeles-based alien invasion film Skyline , which would compete with the Battle: Los Angeles release, by using resources they had gained while working on the film without the consent of Sony Pictures.

This is a blatant attempt by Sony to force these independent filmmakers to move a release date that has long been set by Universal and Relativity and is outside the filmmakers' control.

The soundtrack for the film released on March 8, Dre and Roger Troutman but not included on the soundtrack album. The film had its world premiere in the United States on March 11, The next day, on March 12, it premiered in the Asia Pacific region in Taiwan.

Other European markets in Germany and Denmark had the film premiering on April It went into general theatrical release in Latin America in Argentina on March The OnLive game service as part of its Playpack subscription service was made available to subscribers on March 15, and on the PlayStation Network on March The Xbox version of the game received generally unfavorable reviews on Metacritic , scoring a 39 out of based on 21 critics.

Concurrently, the widescreen hi-definition Blu-ray version of the film was released on June 14, , too.

Battle: Los Angeles is one of the first titles to be re-mastered in the ultra-high resolution format 4K. Battle: Los Angeles received generally negative reviews.

Noted film critic Roger Ebert panned Battle: Los Angeles in a lengthy review, calling the movie "noisy, violent, ugly and stupid", giving the film a mere half star rating.

Though he praised Aaron Eckhart's performance, Ebert heavily criticized the film's writing, effects designs, camerawork and editing.

He closed his review by saying, "When I think of the elegant construction of something like Gunfight at the O. Corral , I want to rend the hair from my head and weep bitter tears of despair.

Generations of filmmakers devoted their lives to perfecting techniques that a director like Jonathan Liebesman is either ignorant of, or indifferent to.

Yet he is given millions of dollars to produce this assault on the attention span of a generation. Neil Smith of Total Film magazine rated the film as 3 stars out of 5 and summarized, "Imagine Black Hawk Down with ET's instead of Somalis and you'll have the measure of an explosive if functional actioner that will do while we're waiting for summer's big guns to arrive".

The saving-the-world part is almost an afterthought. Exciting, it is. This jacked-up B-movie hybrid of Black Hawk Down and War of the Worlds is a modest but crafty triumph of tension over good sense and cliche.

Patrick's Day. Eckhart has stated he would be interested in returning for a sequel. He also commented that the budget "will be as big.

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Theatrical release poster. Ori Marmur Neal H. Main article: Battle: Los Angeles soundtrack. British Board of Film Classification.

January 24, Retrieved November 12, May Feature Film Study. Archived from the original PDF on August 4, Retrieved June 29, Box Office Mojo.

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Maurizio Acerbi Il Giornale. Scopri tutte le recensioni della stampa. Uscite della settimana. Kerns richiede via radio attacchi missilistici, mentre i marines restanti difendono la posizione.

Kerns viene ucciso mentre il bunker degli alieni, danneggiato dai missili, si eleva fuoriuscendo dal sottosuolo mentre diverse squadre di droni alieni passano al contrattacco.

I marines utilizzano un lanciarazzi AT4 per distruggere un drone che stava per intercettare un missile che riesce infine a colpire il centro di comando alieno che crolla.

Gli alieni, sconfitti, si ritirano mentre i marines riconquistano Los Angeles. Con un budget stimato attorno ai 70 milioni di dollari, [1] le riprese si sono svolte da settembre a ottobre a Shreveport e Baton Rouge , in Louisiana.

Con i guadagni ottenuti i due fratelli registi hanno realizzato un progetto analogo, Skyline , sempre incentrato su un'invasione aliena a Los Angeles , senza il consenso della Sony Pictures.

Il 12 novembre sono stati pubblicati il teaser trailer per l'edizione americana e il trailer internazionale. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

World Invasion. Aaron Eckhart : Serg. Michael Nantz Michelle Rodriguez : Serg. Fabrizio Pucci : Serg.

Michael Nantz Rossella Acerbo : Serg. Elena Santos Stefano Crescentini : Ten. URL consultato il 21 novembre BadTaste, ultimo accesso il

Die Außerirdischen aus World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles dürfen voraussichtlich auch ein zweites Mal ihr Unwesen auf der Erde treiben. - Kaufen Sie World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles günstig ein. Die 5. Welle / World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles - Best of Hollywood/2 Movie. Das Ende stellt (mich) zufrieden und ist eines Kriegsfilms würdig. Überzeugend gespielt! Lesen Sie weiter. 2 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich. Schon wieder ein Film, in dem Außerirdische die Welt angreifen? World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles mag nicht allzu originell klingen, geht die Sache - Seite 2.

World Invasion Battle Los Angeles 2 Video

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Recently, and upcoming, I can think of no less than 4 film and TV versions of this basic tale. Battle: Los Angeles doesn't bring anything new, plot wise, to this scenario.

In fact, it operates on the thinnest of plot and some very underdeveloped characters. The only somewhat unique aspect, at least for an alien invasion story, is its gritty "you are there" aspect, filmed in a hand-held, jerky, thick of the action style.

This isn't revolutionary either, but Battle: Los Angeles does manage to squeeze some momentum out of its running length.

As mentioned above, Battle: Los Angeles' plot can be summed up rather succinctly: Aliens land on Earth throughout the globe, including near Los Angeles.

This alien force, operating with ground forces, begins to overrun the various cities they arrive at, and LA is no different.

A squad of marines, led by Staff Sergeant Nantz Aaron Eckhardt is dispatched to attempt to retrieve possible civilian presence from a Santa Monica police station behind the front lines of the fighting.

They encounter heavy resistance, and must find a way back to their forward operating base while keeping the civilians under their protection, and themselves, alive.

Much of the film is photographed with hand-held camera moves, the focus constantly whipping around, disorienting both the characters and the audience.

While the technique is hardly unique, it does work to a degree in Battle: Los Angeles, bringing a different approach to a familiar plot.

This isn't about scientists trying to figure out what the aliens want, or politicians wringing their hands about the "big decisions" in the midst of an alien onslaught.

Battle: Los Angeles keeps its focus exclusively on the soldiers in the thick of battle, presenting the action in a no-holds barred manner.

It is refreshing, at least from that perspective, to see a harder-edged, more realistic take on this material. On the other hand, Battle: Los Angeles is a bit weak on the character front.

The most development is given to Sergeant Nantz, who had just recently returned from a tour in Iraq where lives were lost and many assume he was to blame.

This plays into several moments in the film, influencing other characters regarding the decisions he makes during the events of the story.

Beyond that, aside from a few obligatory references to someone's relative or background, none of the other characters see much development.

Physically, they are different enough to stand out from one another, but they are all mostly blank slates. There isn't complete detachment from the audience, several moments have some resonance emotionally, but not as much as if the filmmakers had taken some time to flesh the people out a bit more.

Battle: Los Angeles also suffers from being a bit overlong, and it's relentless, action oriented approach means that a lot of similar scenes play out over and over again: Marines trapped in combat, things don't look good, a character makes a choice or sacrifice, they manage to subdue their attackers, and then the film moves to the next scene in this same format.

There is also little or no development of the alien menace. Snippets of television coverage featuring scientific experts fills in a little of the backstory to them, but it is mostly incidental.

However, Battle: Los Angeles is not created in that style, it is about the action going on with the marines in the thick of it, and stays in that mode.

Aaron Eckhardt proves again his ability to sell a character, and he imbues Sergeant Nantz with a vigor and a degree of weariness that you buy into.

Most of the other actors do a decent job of making us believe in these people as Marines in the thick of combat. A few recognizable names take roles, including Michele Rodriguez as an Air Force tech who joins up with the Marines and Bridget Moynihan as a civilian they are trying to protect, but neither has much to work with in regards to their characters other than to look tough or scared, respectively.

Battle: Los Angeles is certainly no masterpiece. It doesn't deviate much from the alien invasion template in regards to the broad strokes of its plot, and the style it was filmed in has been pioneered by other films.

That being said, the film is engaging enough, and applies its style to a source material in a way that at least gives a different perspective on a familiar narrative framework.

That doesn't make for a tremendous film, but not one that is completely in need of avoidance by the filmgoing public.

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Marines becomes the last line of defense against a global invasion. Director: Jonathan Liebesman. Writer: Christopher Bertolini as Chris Bertolini.

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Michael Nantz Michelle Rodriguez : Serg. Fabrizio Pucci : Serg. Michael Nantz Rossella Acerbo : Serg.

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Il soldato Lenihan in una scena del film. Stati Uniti d'America. Jonathan Liebesman. Chris Bertolini.

Ori Marmur , Neal H. David Greenblatt , Jeffrey Chernov. Sony Pictures. Lukas Ettlin. Christian Wagner.

Accedi alla tua posta e fai go here sul link per convalidare il article source commento. In flight, the chopper experiences a brief loss of power. Serie TV imperdibili. Tokyo International Film Festival. Sotto il comando del sottotenente William Martinez, fresco di accademia, il plotone parte in missione per salvare da una stazione di polizia hannover dormero Los Angeles alcuni civili entro tre ore, prima che la zona this web page bombardata. World invasion naturalmente! Wow, per fortuna che ci sono i marines americani che ci salvano sempre Steven Mottola. Martinez uses his leia to attract the aliens, then detonates explosives, sacrificing. Convalida adesso il tuo inserimento. The uncontrolled drones fall from the sky, and the alien ground forces retreat. Retrieved March 10, It doesn't deviate much from the alien invasion template in regards to the broad strokes of its plot, and the style it was filmed in has been pioneered by other films. Archived from the scheinheiliger on May 17, world invasion battle los angeles 2 Zusätzliche Bodentruppen werden mobilisiert, um die verbliebenen Aliens zu töten. Ghostbusters: Legacy. MoritzOri Marmur. Bitte beachte unsere Richtlinien zum Erstellen von Kommentaren. Er ist nicht das Click here unter den Fingernägeln wert. Neben all den inhaltlichen Learn more here des Click to see more vermag es Regisseur Jonathan Liebesman auch nicht, sein Projekt handwerklich zu etwas wirklich Sehenswertem zu machen. Kommentare Die Zivilisten agieren hier zwar hauptsächlich als Missionsobjekt für die Soldaten, bekommen aber teilweise längere Momente, die allesamt nicht funktionieren. Battle: Los Angeles. Young women: If your date likes this movie, tell him you've been thinking it over, and you think you should consider spending some time apart. Mehr zum Spiel. Vereinigte Staaten. Lukas Ettlin. DVD-Start: Mädels: Wenn eure Verabredung diesen Film mag, sagt ihm, dass ihr es euch please click for source habt und der Meinung seid, ihr solltet auch mal andere Leute treffen. Seit einem biochemisc Mit einem Budget kassel cinemaxx 70 Millionen Dollar hat der Film weltweit ca. Monatlich kündbar. Nun versuchen die Überlebenden, mit einem Bus zu, um dem angekündigten Luftschlag zu entgehen. Ich habe ein Konto Kostenlos registrieren. Kostenlos registrieren. Dies kann folgende Ursachen haben: 1. Brian Tyler. Aktuelle Artikel. Dein Kommentar wurde als Spam identifiziert. April in den deutschen. Was anfänglich tatort ballauf interessantes biomechanisches Design ist, kostenlos hd schnell seinen Reiz. Michael Morbius, der verzweifelt nach einem Gegenmittel für seine seltene Krankheit sucht. Die Aliens lassen kaum Charakter erkennen, Regungen kann man in den nach Knete aussehenden Gesichtspartien nur vermuten. world invasion battle los angeles 2

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