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Yoojung Sikdang is the restaurant that cared for the members of BTS during their days as a K-pop rookie. The restaurant is located near the dance studio at. The latest Tweets from BTS Germany ⁷ (@bangtan_germany). German Fanbase of @BTS_twt! Rund um die Uhr News, Fakten, Spaß und Entertainment für die. BTS Germany - - Deine Quelle für News und Informationen rund um die südkoreanische Band BTS. Erfahre alles über die BTS Bandmitglieder und. BTS German ARMY's, Seoul, Korea. K likes. Wir sind ARMYs aus Leidenschaft! Wir unterstützen unsere Jungs und Fans! Wir übersetzen, teilen Videos und. ARMY!!!!! Hier könnt Ihr künftig selbst Fotos, Videos etc. hochladen und über BTS diskutieren ready to get bangtaned??. BTS Germany Fancafé.

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Translations in context of "das BTS" in German-English from Reverso Context: Wann wurde der Fehler an das BTS gemeldet? - der Titel sagt alles ❤ Start: ? Ende: # in reactions (​) # in reactions () # in. ARMY!!!!! Hier könnt Ihr künftig selbst Fotos, Videos etc. hochladen und über BTS diskutieren ready to get bangtaned??. BTS Germany Fancafé.

J-Hope Sry for putting hopie last:P. Suga 3. Jimin 4. Jungkook 5. J-Hope 7. Jungkook 2. J-Hope 3. Rap Mon 5.

Suga 6. Jin 7. BTS is a bunch of bias wreckers ugh I hate them all. He keeps dyeing it diff colours everytime.

Jungkook also raps. I will find you, and I will kill you! Joking, but seriously how can kookie be in last place tho people and their different preferences.

Funny how almost all of them stated that they had a role model from Big Bang. My bias list 1. Jimin My ultimate bias 2.

Taehyung 3. J-Hope 6. Rap Monster My bias list keeps changing but Jimin will aways be my ultimate bias and Taehyung will always be my bias wrecker.

However the entire group is on fire right now and are taking the K-Pop industry by storm. So hwaiting BTS! Jimin 5. Rap Mon. Taehyung was an ulzzang and many fans consider him the visual, but the official visual is Jin.

Anyway I love Taehyung, for me he has a special place. Rapmonster is the least liked? Anyone see his talent?? Ohh ik you base on Faces and youngest.

Stan talent not Faces! Anyways Rapmonster is my inspiration, my all time bias and forever my bias. His Rap can go as fast as the wind.

RapMonster: his existence slay me, handsome and RAPs like no other. Suga : his high voice and rap 3. V : his deep and soulful voice, though he gets few lines.

Jin: he also gets few lines but his solos kill me. That voice and visual 5. Hoseok: Dance Machine, Sunshine, Rap, beauty!! Jimin : his voice can go as high as Mt.

Bias list! RapMon a literal genius 2. Jin dat visual and voice 3. J-Hope them dance moves 5. Jimin Voice higher than Mt. Everest Woag 6.

Not saying the others are less talented or anything of the sort. We gave you credits in the post there.

He is smart, talented, handsome and one of my BIAS wreckers. Jimin 2. Yoongi 3. Junkook 6. I admire him. I find myself relating to him a lot too.

Tae — He was my first bias in Bangtan, so I have a lotta memories of him. Jimin — Lil mochi is a cutie.

Hobi — I wish I could have a friend like him. He seems like he would get my energy up. Jungkook — Jungkook reminds me of my brother. Nuff said.

My Biaslist: 1. BTS 2. Bangtan Boys 3. All of them 4. Bangtan Sonyeondan 6. Kookie is a sub rapper if you listen to no more dream does he rap, he is not a rapper so much today, but he have been sub rapper what means if there is a rap part that they the rap line thinks he should rap then would he most likely rap it.

Just trying to attract girls like you god damn! I love them all. They are all talented and cute. Ofc I also have my bias, which is V, but I love all the rest on the 2nd place.

TaeTae my one and only,.. Is there any way you could update their pictures? Since the concept pictures are still in Run era ;;.

Ah I think it was unnecessary for you to call Jungkook overrated. It can be perceived as quite rude lol. The profile pics are already updated to their You Never Walk Alone photoshoot.

The truth is I like there songs but not them for some reason. In normal groups, Jimin would be the Main Vocalist.

Jk ha stop much! Suga-Lead Rapper. Anyways: RapMonster, V and Suga for life! My bias is V I really love him..

I love his doing aegyo.. Playing with kids!!! My UbTaehyung i love you soo much. He is very very very attractive and i love his personnality and his talent.

My bias is jin. My bias is V because he has a habit of biting his nail so at least me and him have some thing in common and hes so cute.

But my Ultimate Bias is Taehyung. His cuteness make me die. Saranghaeyo Cute Kim Taehyung Oppa! Jungkook is the face and center of the Group.

Never call JK overstated. You call someone overrated if that person is too hyped up without talent.

JK is far from no talent. You obviously a new Army right? Everybody was very weak at vocal but JK was the most stable even at debut.

Dang learn to speak with manner. What you implying then Maknae lines are just faces and no talents? Rap Mon is one of my bias and love him to death but I think all other members are talente just as him!

Jungkook — love everything about him and would never ever change my ub. Suga — genius rapper 4. Jimin — just lovely so lovely. J hope — our sunshine 6.

Jin — Mommy and funny Jin 7. My bias list 1-My Ub Taehyung V , he is the most handsome, the most attractive, cutee.

Jungkook is no longer fan favorite. My skin is clear. I am hydrated. My crops are thriving. I am well. To someone that is cm, nice and smart, good cook and is protective of him.

Namjoon 4. Hoseok 5. Seokjin 6. Yoongi 7. Um okay. Look, I understand what you mean, but I do love and appreciate all of the members.

I just show it in different ways. Aha yea.. My bias is jimin but V is like also 1st place? So hard to choose!!!!!! Thanks for commenting!

Why not? I love all of them! I respect him a lot. I did not expected that 4 members of them was inspired by G-Dragon , T.

I got confuse about their height.. They can take blood group A or B or AB. But AB is rare coz Difficult to find.. In my country.

Sowon is really tall for a girl though. Ur aliiiiiive! All I wanted to say was: Hi. Okay so… Jimin is taller than Yoongi already.

My friend posted a picture of them. Standing next to each other, has a line over their heads. Yoongi is the smaller.

Jimin is now as tall as Jin or Hobi. I wish there were new interviews on who is more closest to who. Also, pretty darn sure my hands are bigger than Jimins.

I think I could take them. BigHit would promote him as a Main Vocalist then. Who knows them better than their own company?

V has not by very much, to be totally fair the best vocal technique in BTS. BigHit decided upon their positions most likely based on that.

V is not apart of the dance line. Only Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope are. But I guess he is an actor since he was in a drama.

No he is not. The face of the group is the one that is usually in the center For example, music videos and choreographies. The face of the group for bts, is Jungkook because he is usually in the center for most things.

I totally understand the Korean standards, and Jin is the most handsome. I guess they all gave different answers at different periods of time.

We tried different options in order to solve it but the problem still reoccurs. Really guys?

Oh no, i didnt mean that you should vote for them just to make the numbers look better, im just sad that most people go for the maknae line, usually just because of looks.

The face of the group is the member the most famous, who basically represents the group somehow.

Yes, the Face of the group and the Visual are totally different things. He mentioned it in a V-live in I think March? I remember watching it recently.

V is not the most famous in BTS, Jungkook is the most famous And if you follow them during early eras, you will see that in their early eras, JK is the one that is most popular and basically the only well-known one.

While V is because of the drama recently that he had become very popular. His fanbase is huge and even BTS themselves admitted that Tae always gets the loudest cheers during concerts.

BTS are active for 4 years now, Tae has his acting debut like a few months ago, so what about this 3 and a half year? But Taehyung is something else, he kills people with his charisma, facial expressions dance moves that are getting better and better.

His voice is unreal; so strong and soft at the same time. If you have such solid proofs, please provide them.

Thanks for understanding, we really try our best to keep this site up to date and to answer as many messages as possible. Taehyung is the mostpopular but like, in the fandom?

And more like a loved type of popularity? Because 5. Do you think you could put that Jin is the oldest? His visuals are out of this world!

Lol what? Taehyung has always been the most popular, and earlier his popularity was on another level compared to the other members.

Now, the difference has evened out. But I guess in this example, it means the one in the center of photoshoots and such.

I saw in many BTS communities that the guy in the photo was credited as his brother XD thanks for explaining!!!!

But he does have siblings! Not necessarily replying to you but to Jjangjjang man bboong bbong. Damn, Hoseok and Namjoon on the last place?

Actually Jin is the visual not V. But V is one of the more handsome members, that I agree. And Gabriel Mo is right. Face and centre of the group is not the same thing.

Oh gosh how could you not include this on his profile. Everybody knew jungkook has many times showed his love towards IU.

Beyond the scene is just an additional meaning probably related to their upcoming comeback.

They have changed their name and Beyond The Scenes will now be used officially for American purposes like for news and stuff but the name Bangtan Sonyeondan is the same in Asia.

I have a question.. That was in the beginning. And also his height should be Well, beauty is something relative.

For some people V is the most handsome, and for others any of the other membrers could be. The only official visual is Jin.

Since Hwarang he is the most popular member in Korea and I think that validates that position. His voice when rap is so special, i like it.

In an early log, V said Jimin was his best friend. No, it is not changed. Namjoon said himself, in a Vlive.

Beyond The Scene is nothing but an additional name for international purposes. You said they changed it, but they are still the same in Asia.

This is official. Jin, as you said, is the official visual. If you think that Taehyung is the most handsome which many do then alright.

The popularity of a member has nothing to do with the Face Of The Group lmao. The most popular member could be someone with the best personality yet they are not the best looking.

Then, popularity is irrelevant. Their name is still Bangtan sonyeondan. Beyond The Scene is just their offical international name because they had never had an offical international name before.

Sorry for my bad English. Jungkook also likes girls that are older than him because he wants her to take care of him he is still a baby. Jin is the member that gets hungry a lot.

The reason that Jungkook weighs the most is because he has the most muscle, not because he eats a lot. Muscle weighs more than fat.

V being in cypher pt. And Taehyung said in Bangtan Bomb broadcast, his idol was T. I dont know if this is legit or nah but a spazzer said that V was supposed to be a rapper and j-hope was supposed to be a vocalist but then V insisted that he wants to be a vocalist so j-hope agreed to be a rapper xD.

Tae has had short rap parts in some songs. He just hasnt had any verses rapping. Your English is very good. It is better than some people who actually have English as a first language.

Your grammar and use of words is are correct. Again, your English is excellent. Now for me to go work on my Hangul.

There are pics with him and his mother from their concert in Seoul in February, but her face was deliberately covered for privacy.

Thank you for explaining this to people. And when someone assumes it they then pass the wrong info to others who take as the truth.

JIN 3. SUGA 4. J-HOPE 5. JIMIN 6. Kim Taehyung is my bias not because of his looks but because of his talent and his mind.

Your husband is gay!!! My mom always get mad of me because my photos is full of their pictures. The wallpaper. My room is full of their posters.

Like, he can do everything at once. Go hyung! PS: My bias list in bangtan 1. Jeon Jeongguk 2. Kim Taehyung 3.

Min Yoongi 4. Jung Hoseok 5. Kim Namjoon 6. Park Jimin 7. Kim Seokjin. Jimin is NOT the main dancer he is lead dancer, J-hope is the main dancer..

Not all the bands have a face of the group, but only the bands who just promote 1 single member. Sorry for my english lol.

The leader role is to talk when they receive awards but the leader can hold the face of the group position if that member is always sent to various variety shows.

When the same member is always sent to represent his band in variety shows like almost all the time, then people associate that member to the band name, so that member becomes the face of the group.

What V should receive would be a Popularity award position or something, but yeah Face of the group is strictly about who represents the band to shows and events.

Rap Monster 2. J hope. My bias list: 1. Jungkook 3. Suga 5. Hobi 7. Taehyung 2. Jin 4. Hoseok 6.

Jungkook 7. I love them all but Tae is my ultimate bias foreverrrrr If i need to do a list it would be:. Kookie 4. Hobi 5. Yoongi 6. Rap Monster 7.

Kookie 6. Namjoon 7. Well why not 1. Namjoon 2. Hobi 3. Taehyung 5. Jeon Jungkook is my Ultimate Bias, because I think he is the best idol and his voice is so beautiful.

Jin changed his favourite colour??? Jimin is the member featured for the trailer of the album, which was released Jhope 5.

Rap Monster 6. Can you please change the pictures with these? Hello Can you add to their Profiles their Spotify Playlist? We added the Spotify playlists to their individual accounts as well and gave you credits in all of them.

JIMIN my cute mochi ily 4. JIN worldwide handsome marry me 4. HOBI my sunshine my hope my angel. Rap Monster But I love them all.

Jin 3Jungkook 4. Jhope 6. Mine: 1. Jeon Jungkook 3. Jungkookie 4. Kookie 5. Nochu 7. Mine are 1 Jimin mah sexymochi 2 Suga mah reahet gets mad at dad jokes bae 3 Kookie mah personal chef 4 V effing cute 5 Rapmon bass leader 6 J Hope mah dancing child 7 Jin mah shy little baby and his dad jokes XD.

Min SUGA 3. Rap Mon 6. Hobii 7. Jin I love all of them equally! Omg no!! How could I?!!?! But Happy Birthday Rapmon!! BTS themselves clarified this.

Korean fans call them Bangtan Sonyeon or Bangtan Sonyeondan because thats how they say the words Bulletproof, boys and scouts in Korean… ok?

Not us. Because if it was then the words Bulletproof Boys or scouts translated in every single language would also have to be their official names.

They are what the Chinese call BTS. Jin 2. I love them all they are my homesick reliever.. Jimin 1. Namjoon 4, Taehyung 5.

Jimin was the last member to be casted in BTS. Tho I was very happy to learn more facts about them. Suga likes basketball.

Suga thought he was going to grow to cm, but he stayed the same height from middle school till now.

V likes Kyunghoon. V is from Geochang. Money is important to Jimin. Jimin wants to grow up to be like Jang-hoon be tall like him.

Jungkook can play games on two computers at once. V is my bias and Jin is my bias wrecker. BTS was my first kpop band. FOTG is the one that always represents his band on variety shows like….

He was born in Daegu but later moved to Geochang where he spent all his life until he moved to Seoul. So his birthplace is Daegu. I think V should be considered a lead vocal now as he gets about the same amount of lines and sometimes more than Jimin.

Their names are currently BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, and Beyond the Scene and the Koreans did not give them the name Bangtan Sonyeondan since it was already set as their group name before debut.

Well firstly considering that I Main support had said that V gets around the same amount of lines or sometimes more or less than Jimin he should be considered a lead vocalist.

And also V is overall considered a better singer than Jimin so he is definately considered as a lead vocalist now.

Also I think V is for sure now considered a visual as his position as well. Jungkook is the face. Faces of the group are basically called as a centers.

Well, many ppl said that face is more popular than the rest of the members. Oktober , abgerufen am April amerikanisches Englisch.

In: bts-trans. Juli , abgerufen am 5. März englisch. KBS World. März Woche Memento des Originals vom Abgerufen am 9.

Juni In: Los Angeles Times. Juni ]. Nicht mehr online verfügbar. Juni , archiviert vom Original am Juni ; abgerufen am 9.

Info: Der Archivlink wurde automatisch eingesetzt und noch nicht geprüft. August sbs. Mwave, archiviert vom Original am November ; abgerufen am 9.

Juni englisch. So Far. In: Fuse. In: KpopStarz. Mai kpopstarz. Juni kpopstarz. In: Yonhap News Agency. Oktober yonhapnews. April kpopstarz.

Archiviert vom Original am Archiviert vom Original am 2. Februar ; abgerufen am November kpopstarz.

Mai koreaherald. In: hankyung. Dezember hankyung. Mai fuse. September , archiviert vom Original am 8. September ; abgerufen am Oktober koreaherald.

In: Billboard. Oktober billboard. In: YouTube. Stone Music Entertainment. Juli September In: The Korea Herald.

Januar März amerikanisches Englisch. März deutsch. November billboard. März ]. Dezember billboard. März ja-JP. Billboard with a first-week tally of , album-equivalent units , making BTS the fastest group to earn four number one albums since the Beatles in In March, Big Hit Entertainment launched a video series, "Learn Korean With BTS", on the social media app Weverse , [] intended to "make it easy and fun for global fans who have difficulty enjoying BTS' music and contents due to the language barrier.

In April, BTS became the first South Korean artist to sell more than 20 million albums cumulatively, [] [] becoming the best-selling artist in South Korea of all time.

The group gave speeches about their own graduations, offering "messages of hope and inspiration for the class of in both Korean and English".

The concert was the first collaborative effort between Big Hit and Kiswe, a live streaming solution company in the U.

It garnered , concurrent viewers in countries and territories, setting the record for the largest audience for a paid virtual concert.

BTS are also influenced by many literary, psychological, artistic, and philosophical mediums. Their album Wings was inspired by Hermann Hesse's coming of age novel, Demian.

Doty 's memoir Into the Magic Shop. BTS co-writes, produces, and composes much of their output.

BTS' lyrics include social commentary , often incorporating criticism of South Korean society. Songs such as " No More Dream " and " N.

O " from their "school trilogy" were motivated by their experiences with South Korea's emphasis on education and called for change to the education system and societal expectations.

BTS' albums have recurring themes that fall under the overarching theme of "reflection of youth. Since their inception, BTS have believed that telling their story is the only way for the younger generation to relate to their music.

In regards to their lyricism, RM states he tries to not sound as if they are preaching or reprimanding people in their songs, as everyone has different lives and different destinies.

We feel that people who have the platform to talk about those things really should talk more, because they say depression is something where you go to the hospital and you're diagnosed, but you can't really know until the doctor talks to you.

BTS have been praised for "speak[ing] honestly about topics they deem important, even in a conservative society" by Jeff Benjamin in Fuse magazine.

Their melody and lyrics transcend regional borders, language, culture, and institutions. BTS have been described as " the biggest boy band in the world ", [] "the biggest and most successful name in K-pop", [] and "Princes of Pop".

The group's influence has led them to address the United Nations at their 73rd General Assembly [] [] and perform at the Korea-France Friendship Concert in Paris.

BTS have measurably revitalized the Korean economy [] and global music industry. Credited with the surge in online purchases of K-pop items [] and the growth of the Korean Wave from and , [] BTS were cited as a driving force in the recovery of South Korea's music sector to levels not seen since China's ban on domestic cultural content.

Having sold over BTS have a large social influence and as of [update] , have attained eleven Guinness World Records , including the world record for most Twitter engagements.

BTS were the first K-pop act to chart an album on the Billboard for one year when Love Yourself: Answer reentered the chart in November for its 52nd non-consecutive week.

BTS have maintained numerous global endorsement deals in various industries throughout their career.

Partnered with Puma since , BTS initially promoted its sportswear as Puma Korea's brand ambassadors before expanding to become global ambassadors in [] [] and promoting the remix of Puma's "Turin" and "Sportstyle" line worldwide.

The collaboration initially produced emojis and electronic stickers, but later expanded to include fashion apparel, footwear, accessories, and other merchandise.

The donation was intended to have been made in secret. A portion of the profits from the campaign went towards career and educational development programs for disadvantaged youth as part of The Beautiful Foundation's Opportunity Youth Independence Project.

Mariejo Ramos from The Inquirer said about the universe "no other artists have successfully mixed the same literary technique to pop music in such a scale.

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We started to tell the stories that people wanted to hear and were ready to hear, stories that other people could not or would not tell. We said what other people were feeling—like pain, anxieties and worries.

That was our goal, to create this empathy that people can relate to. Play media. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by BTS.

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Mwave, archiviert vom Original am Insgesamt wurden März koreanisch. In: bts-trans. Since it uses just click for source BTSevery developer is already familiar with the technical details, such submission of new information, modification of information or closing of pending requests. Hier werde ich BTS Songs ins Deutsche übersetzen. Anfragen bitte in die Kommentare ^^ Viel Spaß beim Lesen/ Mitsingen!! Description. ♡-lich Willkommen in der größten deutschen BTS Community! Du bist ein ARMY und liebst die sieben Jungs genau so wie wir? Dann bist du hier. Reactions (BTS German). der Titel sagt alles ❤ Start: ? Ende: # in reactions () # in reactions () # in Army. New York о А School History of Germany, from the Earliest Period to the Establishment of the Aufsätze B. T.s German Lecture on American Literature. BTS (auch Bangtan Boys; Hangeul: 방탄소년단, RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan) ist eine südkoreanische Boygroup, bestehend aus sieben Mitgliedern, die von​. December 1, Hye-jin, Hwang Serien stream star wars the clone wars 24, The group became the first artist in the history of K-pop to receive all grand prizes from both ceremonies; getting four from each award. In April, BTS became the first South Holland spiderman tom artist to sell more than 20 million albums cumulatively, [] [] becoming the best-selling artist in South Korea of all time. In: Yonhap News The spectacular now. Retrieved February 10, Doty 's memoir Into the Magic Shop. November billboard. Archived from the original on November 3,

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Im September veröffentlichten sie ihre Single N. See examples translated by the BTS 14 examples with alignment. April bravo. You Never Walk Alone. Abgerufen am 3. Der Werbesong With Seoul wurde veröffentlicht. Februar Verkäufe werden zu Wings hinzuaddiert.

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März arthur netflix king, war das Album über zwei Millionen Mal vorbestellt worden. JETZT anmelden! In: Gaon Chart. Im Zuge der Welttournee trat die Gruppe am BTS Januar Link QQ Music. März ]. In: The Daily Dot. November Oktoberclick am September yonhapnews. Im Zuge der Welttournee trat die Gruppe am bts german Doch was tun sie tätsächlich für Bedürftigen? Nicht read more online verfügbar. In: Los Angeles Times. Wings Big Hit Entertainment. Mai dailydot. Dezember Juliabgerufen am 5. In: New Just click for source Times. Oktober yonhapnews. Erstveröffentlichung: 7. In: KpopStarz. Das ist weit besser als ein kaputter NMU. November billboard. Oktober koreaherald.

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Oktober billboard. September , archiviert vom Original am 8. Abgerufen am 3. In: Bento. Mobilgeräte für eine bessere Ansicht bitte waagerecht drehen Landscape Mode. Oktober koreaherald. Mai

And I know, I saw the video. But I still think they should take off the title. I love V. I do agree that V is underrated though.

His aura and looks. He looks unreal, okay?! On any official site Jimin is the main vocalist, along with Jk. Can you provide any link where it is stated that he is main vocalist?

From what I know he always was the lead vocalist but maybe some things changed. Share the link to official source. We gave you credits in his individual profile!

We usually give credits just to the 1st person announcing a news but this time we gave credits to anyone who posted before we updated the profile Thanks once again!

Aie, my bad! I put two things in a Hangouts chat. My bad! Tanks for your good intention and for telling us! Its lbs btw. Thank you for the update and for providing the source, we also corrected the info on his profile and gave you credits there.

But does he still love red??? Especially in their love myself Instagram account. People change.

Just saying. Jimin also said that in their Vlive That maybe he got taller than suga but Jimin also confessed that he often wears insoles.

Also as henadelacruz:disqus said, Jimin confessed that he often wears insoles that also ads a few cms to his height. Please edit this part.

He DOES have a habit of biting his nails too. NuraddinaVixx:disqus Thank you for the information! BTS rapmonster admitted to stealing lyrics.

Taehyung is my bias!! Youtube account. NOT biting his nails. Could you please edit this? Thank you! I already anwered this!!!

On their new official profiles. Not 70kg. He lose tons of weight when promoting DNA. Many people are saying RM is born in Seoul and moved to Ilsan when he was 5, I guess he said this in a interview….

I always knew he was born in Ilsan. J-Hope is main dancer and lead rapper, RM is main rapper and leader and JK is the main vocalist and lead dancer.

Lol these positions you listed are all wrong. Oh really? Jimin has always been addressed as a lead dancer in several YouTube videos I have watched haha.

And when there are dance solos J-Hope also gets it so I assumed he was the only main dancer.

If there would be a mistake someone would have corrected it because there are lots of Korean A. Indeed the members mentioned several times that both Jimin and J-Hope are main dancers.

Also, they are the ones that had solo dances, when they represented BTS. RM is the main rapper.

J-Hope is the main dancer and lead rapper. Jungkook is the main vocal and lead dancer. Jin said on a recent vlive that jungkook was growing up the healthiest and now is the heaviest of all the members.

You can make out from his muscular frame too. Jungkook is not a visual. V and Jin are both visuals tho. J-Hope is also friends with B.

They went to same academy in Gwangju for rap and dance. As for me. IU is cm??? Congratulations V for being the most handsome face of !!!

You deserve it so much, you are so beautiful, you have a face of an angel, your features are so symmetrical. You have no flaws and behind that perfect face is the biggest meme king in Bangtan, a sunshine with full of positive energy and sexy man who kills Armys all the time with your amazing charisma and stage presence.

My most loved group ever. I have one question.. How do u know about the thing that Suga said? That his legs are nicer then the girlgroups legs His legs are nice, thats true but the legs of the women are nice too.

V said before that the 2 main dancers of BTS are Jimin and J-Hope, and they were the only ones who had solo dance stages.

I just hope BigHit clarifies this! That is written in his individual profile. V got a new puppy! Screentime and being in the center has nothing to do with FOTG position.

People also tend to mistake Face Of The Group with visual or center. In BTS all members are promoted pretty equally. I would say V fits this position more since he often got MC roles in the past and was in some variety shows alone and also acted in Hwarang.

I saw jimin standing there with out dancing.. He just sang his part… Why??? No no no! Actually none of kpop idols hit 1M before.

His birthday video is now close to 1M as well. I actually thought that Jin was the visual, immediately. V is my bias!!

Yeah I noticed that too. I remember reading this like a year back maybe but never understood it until I read it more now..

You are so funny! Do you have to decide this? Are you an anti-fan? So many people have the same opinions! As a army all members are my bias We love all of them.

To be honest it is difficult to choose a bias among them Love you BTS. He weighs so much more because of his excessive amount of muscle.

Pls add taehyung is the face of the grioup. Face of the group is incharge in promoting itself and the group, having more exposure on media.

Taehyung is the only actor in the group, he often invited to become an MC in some music shows, and luckily he was named as 1 most handsome man ib the world.

Taehyung is surely the face, I hope other armys will get to know this. What I mean is, taehyung was being named as 1 most handsome man so would it means he unintentionally promoted himself and the group?

Do I need to add? The visual line in the group are jin, taehyung and jungkook. Jin is the main visual.

Others saying taehyung is the 2nd, making jungkook on 3rd. Jin and V are visuals because bighit and members themselves stated it many times.

FOTG is the one who represents the group. Like when you think of 2ne1 CL pops up. Or HyunA in case of 4minute.

Since he is the one who represents BTS most. He is also the one who the general public in Korea knows the most. Taehyung winning numbers 1 on most handsome faces in means he is also the visual of the group.

But in terms of FOTG there is no distinct member but if we really have to decide it would be Namjoon.

The maknae line can only dance? You really think every fan of BTS comes in here and votes? Hi, please add Tae as visual. Even bts members agree that they have 2 visual members.

His visual should be appreciated. And namjoon is the face of the group. He stands out a lot in american interviews and his name called out a lot times.

Not only by mambers and fans but Big Hit stated it too. He became second visual during Wings era. They are the visual line like every kpop group does.

A group can have a visual line while only members will have the position of visual alone. Jungkook never been said to be a visual.

I would say V fits this position more since he often got MC roles and was in some variety shows alone and also acted in Hwarang.

Basically FOTG is the most promoted member. That is…. I may have a bias and favor one over the other, but I will defend each member to the core!

We love and admire all love BTS members no matter what their positions are. That is what a real ARMY is all about. We added the fact in his individual profile and gave you credits there!

Thanks again! Hi KProfiles or anyone else, can i ask? Thank you :. Rapmons favourite colour is pink and not black.

He said it one time on stage. He was the only member left from the original lineup, he was patiently waiting for 3 years for bts to debut.

For years, you were non existent in my life, Until lately you jammed in making me realize, I have been missing out fun time, If only I can turn back time.

Addiction can never be better, For clean, healthy you that spells: No danger! I agree. Tae started as a vocals only, but his co member always says his really handsome and of course even the staff… now its official, that makes him the second.

I think Jimin has gotten taller than Yoongi?? Like in some videos and pictures you can clearly see that he is taller than him, or maybe Jimin is just wearing insoles.

Jimin said that he is Oh how much i would tease them for this lmao. I think Jungkook looks like actor Kim Nam Gil!

Isnt that jin? I mean there is a hand on hoseoks face at the begining and it really looks like jins. On here, it says , but when I sesrched up their first single, it was in :l Plz hehlp.

Can we just have V be listed as a visual? It says on the profile that Jin is world wide handsome. Will people ever learn the definition of FOTG position?

Every member developed handsomely and yes, V is already listed as a 2nd Visual because since ever the official and main visual of BTS was considered JIn,.

Also Jungkook is the Main Vocalist! Where did you take the positions from? The way you listed the positions is not correct.

I think Taehyung deserves to be a lead vocalist. I must admit though that when they play games and we have maknae team vs hyungs team I usually cheer for the hyungs team lol.

Please add taehyung as part of the dance line!! They all have different charms and talents. You got all their weights right except for Jungkook.

Actually Jimin and J-Hope are the only ones who share a room now that they moved into their new dorm.

It was briefly discussed in this Japanese interview. No Hoseok is the lead dancer and Jimin the main, Jungkook is a part of the dance line but not main or lead dancer.

Jimin even said that J-Hope was better than him. Jin is in a gaming group that includes B. Actually, BTS pre-recorded their first performance on June 12th but they aired it on June 13th which makes June 13th as the day of their debut.

That is also the date when No More Dream was released. BTS even celebrates their anniversary on June 13th. Kim Taehyung has one single eyelid and one double eyelid.

Is it an official source, an interview or fan rumors? Bts has lost weight. That was back for their first dorm… they live in a multi million mansion now they have actual cleaning staff.

Madara Uchiha Just because you have it too, Does not mean it is not unique. I have never seen anyone in my life But Taehyung With eyes like that.

No need to comment nonsense. Recently, both his Grandmother and one of his close friends died. Both one month apart.

Poor V ;. I think V is a Vocalist. In the comments i see so much speculation, that V should also be in the dance line, only because he was in the centre a lot and how he should now be a lead vocal too.

Plus they said he would date V when JK said it about Jimin. I can speak Korean and in the second clip it can be two visual or just simple two handsome.

There are multiple translations not just one. In my opinion two videos like that are not an official statement and one of the video is fan translation and not quite right.

I can show you 5 videos, where they said that Suga has a leader aura, is now Suga the second leader or now an official leader? It was given at the beginning.

Bighit is really active on social media they could write a short post, that V is now a visual too. Have you seen that video where he carries other members under fence and when he carried Jimin on his shoulder like it was nothing.

J-Hope was always been said to be the main dancer and dance choreography leader. Jimin is either lead dancer or main dancer.

I actually found this image of BTS performing on stage and the backdrop is their names and their positions. It says that J-Hope is the main dancer and Jimin is the lead dancer.

Jimin — A theatre and film major bachelor Suga — A liberal arts major bachelor RM — An electronic engineering major bachelor I think V and J-hope have taken up a major in broadcasting or liberal arts or linguistics.

People have assumed Jungkook to be a liberal arts major like Suga. Jin has a bachelors degree from Konkuk University, which he had entered into even before he became a trainee.

We also dded the additional info to their individual profile and gave you credits there. Run episode whats that??

RM is my bias because of his powers the god of destruction and i am very clumsy just like him. Taehyung is cute and hot at the same time and he has this aura that seems to attract me to him.

RM was not the only one who was part of the original line-up. Suga and J-hope were also a part of the original line-up.

Jungkook has also said that he prefers a girl who has a wheatish-skin tone and has a healthy body.

Only the bands with just a super promoted member have a FOTG. Oh gosh. Let me tell you their official position, main dancers are Hoseok and Jimin, then JK as lead.

And you actually believe that picture when in fact it even spells their names wrong. I never said I believed what the picture said. As people have said before it has never truly been disclosed.

I also believe that Hoseok and Jimin are the main dancers and Jungkook is the lead dancer. However, I found a piece of information and decided to bring it to the table.

Oh, good to know. Sorry for being offensive. I was just sick of people specifically some ARMYs not knowing their official positions.

Jin is the member who has maximum number of nicknames. He may be the official visual, but V is also the visual for BTS because of his features he was ranked 1st in the most handsome faces in Jin is like the main visual, but V is like a side visual, you know??

Omg If only! I live in Alabama too! No worries, glad that we can resolve this peacefully. Yeah why did he say that?

Even though Jungkook is my ultimate bias, I am completely, definitely agree that Tae got the first, and I would be happy if he gets first again for this year.

All of them have important roles in the group. Everyone is needed. Will they really get this success and so much appreciation from many fans?

Will they really get this success and so much appreciation from many fans as they receive now? So please stop saying some unreasonable stuff just to promote others.

No comment! He and jimin are both the main dancers and plus jimin was a model student and top of his school in contemporary dance.

Namjoon was the first one to join Bangtan Boys, Yoongi and Hoseok entered when it was still the original line-up but still after Namjoon.

BTS doesn not have a face of the group. Everyone is promoted equally. They are all known for BTS, not indivudials.

He was scouted by SM, but declined their offer before becoming a trainee at BigHit. In cases where there is no leader K.

Only Jin and V are the visuals. I got the Vmin feels so hard. He actually chose his stage name to stand for victory!

V was ranked the most handsome man of We finally have our 4th member of the dance line! Why so mad? The important is they are a team that has the same goals and dreams together and delivers us music that inspires us I believe all of them are good rappers,dancers and vocalists equally so please dont get mad, its just a position the important is BTS are there flying high and inspiring us with there music.

I personally would not put kook or tae up against jimin and hobi. Everyone is a dancer in BTS. If you think that positions arent important then why you were the first one to complain about Tae being the lead dancer.

For your information you cant not be a lead dancer if you are part of the dance line. Omygod, this is why I dislike some V stans.

She just said maybe V is in the dance line, but not lead. You were also the ones saying V is officially visual when there were no official statements.

Video references do not make it official. Saying visual does not imply position. It could also mean they see V as a very attractive being. I love them all so much even if I had a bias I love them all equally.

Please add the fancafe to their official accounts. Usually the main vocalist is the best singer of the group as everyone in BTS had confirmed to be Jungkook in interviews.

Ikr infact your comment was also not offencive these maknae stans for sure takes everything in negative….. We are one, I hope this misunderstanding ends.

Thank you. This is the difference between main vocals and lead. The Lead Vocalist is able to reach one or more higher or lower octaves than their fellow groups mates.

Because they are able to reach these octaves their voice is featured mainly in the chorus and sections where vibrato is needed.

While the Main vocal may also has a superior octave range, but over all compared to the lead vocal they have a superior vocal range.

Because they have a generally wider vocal range their voice is applied to more of the song. Their voice is underlying and supporting the Lead on the chorus, and vibrato.

So instead saying who is who deserves this main and lead I would say it is already fine just the way it is. I feel so bad when I noticed the votes … Taehyung have votes and Hobi have only votes … come on guys..

I think the weight was not updated. Way back JK was hunky and muscular. You can clearly see this in their Fire MV.

He said he wanted to be smaller and so he did starting DNA era. He is still muscular and way bigger than Jimin though. Even Jimin himself, agreed and said so.

And everyone should be happy for their lines and stuff and not compare and fight over official positions. Noone of them is part of rap line.

Their rapping skills are not good enough to be called rappers imo. I think jk lost so much weight tbh he looks skinny i dont think he is 70 kg now he looks same like jimin.

Forget salty humans. Actually, it should be them who should walk out the wide door. Umm, let em tell you a fact. Jungkook was chosen because he is in fact a tenor, but V is a baritone.

No offense.. He has a great voice. An amazing one in fact. I hope this comeback he has allot of attention and lines, like the others.

No visual line, nothing. Yoongi and Jimin are the same heigh and it has been said multiple times on their vlives how tall they both are.

V is not a visual. Fans use a mistranslation to claim the other members called him the visual, when they just said he was a handsome guy.

Finally, when are people going to add that Jin was chosen as the most handsome man in Asia??!!

Come on, this is blatantly ignoring a title Jin got while V got his 1 most handsome title hyped to the moon and back.

What are you talking about????? If he is in the dance line he can be just Lead Dancer or Main Dancer!!!!

There can be more than one Visual in a Group. V is the 2nd Visual of BTS. Sorry to interrupt but id find any necessity for u to type all this in detail i mean you are sad i can understand but then also just wrote down a novel over here i mean if i will also do the same and gonna type for every member suffering then my note never gonna end not only tae..

Isnt it discrimination?? Remove the CC and check the Korean version! Hello, I just want to inform you that I used these informations above in my fan account on Twitter.

And it wasnt big hit that gave tae that role but if they did then YES that would be extremely unfair. They are only capable of putting to the front one member at a time which is such a bad management oh my god.

Guys remember that the muscles and the bones also weight. I know persons who look skinnier but weight more than other persons I think is safer to wait for BigHit official announcement regarding his weight.

I love armys and BTS so much Thank you for understanding, thank you so much. Woah I just realized Hoseok has a higher position in terms of vocals than Jin and Taehyung.

I love Jhope but Atleast promote Jin and Taehyung also. Its so unfair.. Check this link to inform you their newest position in the group from official and trusted site.

With you spreading wrong info like this, it will only make fans argue to each other. I love Bts and all the members but when V stans talk about him and how proud we are of him we often get called out saying we are solo stans.

But when other say their stan it rarely happens. Maybe its because I had been an army for so long that we know this. Especially V stans and Jungkook stans had hard times because are stans were very popular back at Even Suga said that many watched BTS mvs because of them i.

But its getting better these days unlike those years back then. Macy dear we V stans had a hard time just because you are not attacking him does not mean that others are not attacking him.

But armys had grown up alot these past few years things like this happen but not that much. Thank God. If you had stan tae since you would understand all the things she said.

This is not how true armys think. Thank you as well! Sub-vocalist and vocalist are the same thing. I listen to kpop since and and it has always been so.

It never changed. There is some groups that has two main vocalists or more. If we compare, Taeyeon wins. Does that mean Jessica would have to be sub-main vocalist?

Of course not. Therefore, the sub-rapper should be classified as rapper and not sub-rapper, because below the lead rapper would be the rapper, and after the sub-rapper.

Yes they are. Sub-Vocalist and Vocalist are the same thing. Though, there are two types of sub-vocalists:. The second is not really a vocalist at all, their main focus is on a different aspect of the group all together, these are your dancers, and rappers.

I think it would be really confusing if someone who sings in every song has the exact same position with someone who sings once every 10 songs.

Stay pressed. Jin and taehyung are kind of on the same leve and they are both vocalists, but none of them are lead. The only lead Vocalist in bts is jimin.

Vocalist and sub-vocalists are basically the same thing. The meaning of a sub-vocalist is to support the lead and main vocal and that is what tae, Jin and J-hope are doing.

Well muscle weighs more than fat and jungkook is one of the more fit members and has a lot of muscle, so it seems right.

Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Total Votes: You may also like. I love them all but my favorite is J-Hope!

Jin is blond for the Young Forever concept. Jimin is my bias!!! Yanti Tigan. Kim taehyung. Park Jimin is my bias! Raven Craddock. Katherine August.

Telepathic Kitten. Thank you, it has been fixed! Larissa Pietersz. I love how they understand the struggle and let you choose more than one person as your bias.

Thalia Grace. My bias are 1. Les Bear. Hope Wintersmith. Lol my bias is Suga. Sarauniya Bilkis. Andisa Nakani. You spelled Libra wrong.

Thanks for pointing it out! It has been corrected. Thelma Scott. Do you think they would date an American girl?? Lovely Scarlet. I really love jungkook….

And having the same birthday as him is a bonus…. I do love the boys but Jungkook makes me flutter so much….

Me too you know the Maknae gets all the attentio!! Shatakshi Agrawal. Jin is my bias. I really love him.

Explain :O. XD and year. Zena White. Ally Tran. Nipa Howlader. Omg I feel better after your comment ahahah you really are right!

Michelle Zhou. V and Taehyung is the same person, but their visual is Jin. Priscila Antonio. Wow, before reading this, I thought Jin was the maknae omg.

So handsome! Their height and weight has been updated! Indeed both V and Jungkook grew taller. His favorite number is 1! I also love V but their official visual is Jin.

Love so much this photo! Hyoyeon the babe. John Phan. Jungkook is main vocalist, Jimin is lead. BTS themselves have said it before in a variety show.

He said it with Jin in their latest video in V live app. Gladyato Haise. Amy Bishop-Smith. Tiffany Galo.

I guess I choose J-Hope. Can someone tell me who is who in the main photo? Thanks a bunch!

Lennor Ocihc. Yes 1 Jungkook 2 V. I like his mint hair colour too. My bias list always changes but Kookie will always remain first to me.

Aoi Suga. I think his real hair color is actually black. Most of the Koreans have black hair. Nur Anis Sofia. Oh ok thks.

Nerag efad. Chou Tzu-yu. Yes, correct! Jin is the visual. There is a difference between Face of the group and Visual. Ana Tran.

Kookie expectation is way too high T. T im only tall -. My bias list changed again lol bighit please give Jin more lines thank you 1.

J-Hope 4. Rapmon 6. Tobiyolo Swageyama. Thanks a lot for clarifying this! Mochi sexy Jimin. Marian Jay Montejo.

I literally have most in common with Seokjin because: 1 Been a video game addict since I was a adolescent 2 Started cooking at age 10 3 both of us are sags 4 Jin is also apart of my real name 5 favorite season of the year is Spring too.

Fara Zulkefli. Wasnt taehyung is the face of the group also? He is the ulzzang even before debut. BTS Jimin. Omg sameee. Jungkook 6.

Hatsune L. Lucy Star. Kess Aleir. Namjoon, Fighting. Michelle Ahlgren. Shaasha Shashi. Please add their education.

Thanks for the suggestion! It has been added! Yall sleeping on my bias namjoon…. Chit tay Bhagirathi Ojha. Finally someone who loves RapMonster as much as I do!

Everyone sleeps on hm!! Stan Talent!! Namjoon Oppa, you got this! Someone who puts my Namjoon first!

Alyn S. Nothing against Jungkook!! I just already have one of him at home! Sophia Gamboa. Desiree Martin. Emily Lo. Mia Jakobsen. He is way too underappreciated.

I guess is Jimin or V. J-Hope looks so handsome in this comeback!!! Delanie Quigley. Can choose. Arushi Rajesh.

V and Jimin attended university? V is my bias because he is so nice,cute,and handsome. Jungkook is the face of the group?

Jessica Wright. Mariia Minaj. Jlynn Adams. Kayla Shi. Why is Tae not listed as one of the visuals of the group under his profile? Lara Kim.

VhopeMarkJin XiuHan. Anisa Hussein. Yes, we wrote that in his individual profile. Crissy Florence. Lee Eunho.

Why do they have2 main dancers? Mycarica Seokjin Caasi. Liza M. Anshu Thakur. Sorry face of the group is V.

No, It is Jungkook. Jin has become my bias wrecker my ub is Jimin. Ratna Panda. Plz do add that Taehyung acted in Hwarang.

Got7 x BTS. I love them even more…. I think V si the 2nd visual of the group. First is Jin. Then jungkook is the face of the group. Taehyung should take of himself.

Blood group AB. So rare!!! Van Vanishing. Hahahahaha fun facts about Jimin. Jungkook always teasing Jimin by his height, hahahha.

Jimin says his charm is in his eyes. Panda on the Loose. Enybelt Rodriguez. Qendresa Zhuta. Rapmon is the topper. I love his studying side more.

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In: Oricon.

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Bts German Video

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